Can I be a complete novice and still take this course?

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter what your skill level is.

Whether you know your way around an editing suite or have never picked up a camera in your life, Viddyoze Academy will teach you everything you need to know – right from the beginning.

Can I do this from home?

You sure can. Or you can do it in the park, on a train, in the library, on a date, walking the dog… actually the last one may be a bit tricky… but if you’ve got a laptop and an internet connection, you’re good to go.

Do I need internet access?


Can I download the tutorials?

You can’t download and save any of the tutorials to your device, but they’ll always be in your Viddyoze Academy account if you want to refer back to them.

Do I need to purchase any other equipment in order to complete this course?

If you’re serious about video, you’ll probably want to invest in some equipment – although this isn’t necessary in order to complete the course. In fact, you may want to wait until after you join Viddyoze Academy as we’ll talk you through all the kit you’re likely to need.

How long will it take me to complete?

As everyone works at different speeds, and new videos are being added every month, it’s impossible to say exactly when each person would complete the course. To give you an idea though, the 170 starter tutorials contain over 100 hours of footage.

There’s no tutorial on the video editing software I use. Will you be making one to cover this?

New content is being added to Viddyoze Academy all the time, and we plan to add more tutorials covering other editing platforms very soon.

Although Academy covers the most popular editing software, to help us gauge what program the next tutorial should cover, please email us at support@viddyoze.com with the name of the editing software you’re using.