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Video isn’t just for the big players anymore.

Companies everywhere - big and small - are realising that video marketing is the future.

And not only that, but it’s worth a FORTUNE.

So if you want to unlock the secret between your company nose-diving or skyrocketing, the Viddyoze Academy is perfect for you.


Statistics show that this year, 81% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool - up from 63% in 2017.

If you’re reading that thinking “wow, that’s a jump”, you’d be right.

Get access to...

212 videos

Take the guess-work out of creating epic videos.

If you don’t know your head room from your head waiter, or the only exposure you’re familiar with is that time you streaked back in college, then Viddyoze Academy is the ideal starting point.

These are professional tips from professional videographers. Get a full foundational understanding of videography to kick you off to a strong start when creating videos!


New Content Monthly

Ever taken a course and the content’s out of date before you even finish? Videography can be a bit like that. New equipment, different techniques... you can soon be out of touch.

But not here.

Get brand new tutorials and lessons every month without having to pay the subscription fee.

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Professional Tutoring

Viddyoze Academy has been created by professional real world videographers, creating videos for some of the biggest brands in the real-world!

Learn from the creators of the
"Think & Grow Rich" movie!

What's inside?


The Foundation

The ‘rule of thirds’. The :10 rule. A-roll and B-roll.

Learn the key concepts of video and cinematography.

Once you’ve got the basics, you'll be churning out world-class videos in no time.

The Gear

Don’t know your boom mic from your shotgun mic? When to use a dolly or a tripod?

We’ll talk you through the different kinds of equipment you'll need, when you’re likely to use them, and how to get the best from them - regardless of your budget!

Even the smallest budgets can produce smokin’ hot videos.

Cinematic videos

Shooting Cinematic Video

Keep the frame moving, get creative with lenses, and use the right gear for the job.

Learn true cinematography techniques to create captivating, film-style videos.

These are the same methods our team have used to shoot multi-million dollar movies using basic, zero cost methods!

Mobile Video

Want to master video creation straight from your pocket? Now you can.

These days, if you have a modern mobile device, you're pretty much set to create exceptional video - with the right guidance and tips that is!

Learn it right here, from the experts.

Mobile video


Bad light = bad video.

Learn what it takes to create, not only the correct lighting, but dynamic, cinematic styles of lighting that set the mood and wow your viewers.

Audio Mastery

Ever watched a video where the sound and picture didn’t match up? Or the sound quality was so bad that no amount of cranking up the volume made a difference?

We’ll show you how to avoid this huge video faux pas and capture crisp, blockbuster quality audio with our inside tips and tricks... even on a low budget.

Audio mastery
Green screen

Green Screen Hero

Learn the A-Z of how to create and use green screen videos - from applying the correct effects to how to properly light a green screen set.

This is great for those wanting more freedom in their video editing!

Editing Workflows

Learn the correct editing techniques and strategies from top video editors.

Covering both free and paid editing software - no stone is left unturned.

If you want to learn to edit video properly, this is what you need.

Editing workflows
Drone expert

Drone Expert

Drones are seriously hot right now, and they open up a world of possibilities for videographers.

Get our inside secrets to capturing and shooting exceptional, professional quality drone footage. That’s everything from shot techniques and manoeuvres to post-processing.

Much more!

Viddyoze Academy is an evergrowing library of content. Join today to gain the benefits of brand new content, on a regular basis.

Much more

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